Sunday, April 18, 2010

I need baby shower planning help!

I just looked at my calendar this morning and realized that I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend from church in less than two weeks. And I've done pretty much nothing to prepare for it.  I'm going to order the cake from the bakery, and just do simple finger foods for the rest.  Which leaves decorations and games.  I've got some of the decorations purchased, but I have to figure out how to make a diaper cake for the centerpiece. Anyone have any tips for that? It's going to have to be a simple design, I'm not that crafty.

And for games- I hate baby shower games and managed to convince my friends to keep them to a minimum at my showers.  The mom that I'm throwing the shower for isn't really the silly games type either- what fun/non-silly/non-embarrassing/easy to prepare for activities have you guys done at baby showers? I desperately need ideas!



sweetpea08 said...

I'm in the process of throwing my sister a bridal shower and we feel the same way about games, but we love prizes. So we are just setting a timer while my sister opens her gifts and we're going to set it for different times and when it dings, whoever's gift she is holding gets a gift! We are also going to give prizes out for best wrapped gift, biggest gift, smallest gift, etc.
You could give out a prize for whoever's birthday is closest to the baby's due date.
Have fun, Baby shower's are so much fun!

Cake Mom said...

My mom made a bingo board for my shower. The guests fill out the board with gifts they think I will get and then as I open, they check off the gifts I actually received until there are bingos.

Sarah said...

I put baby food into baby diapers and the guests had to guess the food type. I used a meat in one so it made it a bit harder to avoid a tie and then the others with fruits and veggies.

Google a diaper cake. However you can buy one pretty cheap too. Might be better if your short on time.

Good luck and have fun

Kathleen said...

I hate games too and requested not to do many. My SIL did the bingo game that the previous poster mentioned. I believe she also found a printable word search with baby-related words in it, set a timer and whoever found the most words by the time the timer went off won.
You could try to get some scrapbooking items, or ask guests to bring any they would like to use, and have each person make a page for the baby. People could decorate a little and leave room for the parents to insert pics or use it to tell stories about the couple or leave advice. People can get very creative with stuff like that.
Might be a little late but a friend's shower recently requested a favorite childrens book instead of cards. It started a great library and was really touching and sweet too.
Good luck!

Chelle said...

For the diaper cake it can be really simple! Just get small ponytail holders {can be the clear ones}, roll the diapers and secure with the ponytail holders. After you have a tier done secure with ribbon. You can also attach little toys, pacis, etc onto the cake and ribbon.

For games I liked word search and word scramble. Super easy and nobody is wrapping tp around anyone's tummy, lol!