Sunday, April 18, 2010

Need an idea for a Mother's Day gift?

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I've learned a few things in 4 years of marriage- and one of the things that I've learned is this. It's really best for everyone concerned if I just tell my husband what I'd like as a gift for special occasions. Sometimes I give him a list of ideas or tell him right out what I'm wanting- and other times I point him towards a website and tell him to have a look around there.

One such website is Bliss Living Jewelry. I've been looking around the site and am really impressed (and tempted!) by all the beautiful options. This site has every type of jewelry that you could want for yourself or for giving to the special mom in your life. They carry pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lockets, rings and watches. As well as jewelry boxes to keep everything in! A lot of the jewelry can be personalized with a name or birthdate, so you can always have your loved ones close to your heart.

These are two of their most popular pieces- I love these both, especially the second one, it's so dainty and pretty!


The piece of jewelry that most jumped out at me today is actually one that I've been looking at for a while now, the beautiful Cherished Family Pendant Necklace.  Daniel and I had a cake topper at our wedding that was similar to this in design, a beautiful representation of a couple embracing. Now that we've added the kids to our family, I'd love a piece of jewelry that reminds me of our wedding and celebrates our beautiful family, all at the same time.
Isn't that just so pretty!

Right now you can get free shipping from Bliss Living Jewelry on purchases over $99.  So, take a look around the site. Perhaps "accidentally" leave the web browser open to the jewelry you like best and maybe you'll get lucky and your husband will catch the hint!

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jewelknits said...

This is funny, because I have to do the same thing to my so and my older daughters! Actually, I make them give me a list of things they want for their birthdays or Christmas, too, so I can know that I've at least gotten them one or two things that they really want. I LOVE that Cherished family pendant! It's really pretty!