Saturday, April 17, 2010

A new food that looks great for feeding to kids- GoGo SqueeZ!

I've talked about my toddler's feeding issues a few times here before- but if any of you are new- here's a recap.  My son, Ethan, is 2 1/2 and has had severe oral sensitivity issues and gagging problems since he was little. This has lead to him developing a fear of food, and now he's almost entirely given up solid foods.  So we're always searching for great new things to feed him, foods that are easy to eat but still nutritious at the same time. When you have a child who almost never eats, you have to make every bite count.

So, if you're a family that wants your kids to eat natural, non-processed foods, but that is dealing with a feeding issue and limited food texture tolerances, what do you do? One of the solutions that we've found is baby food/kid food that comes in a pouch.  I love the convenience of being able to throw a pouch or two in my diaper bag and go- no spoon, no bowl, just unscrew the resealable top and feed to the hungry kid. And my kids, both my son and now my baby daughter, think it's way more fun to drink their food from a pouch than to eat from a bowl. Whatever works!

Recently I learned about a new line of these to-go pouch foods- GoGoSqueez.  This is a line of food by the company Materne, and it's been popular in France for a while (more than 1 billion sold in Europe!), but finally made its way to the US only in June 2008. Welcome to the US, Materne and GoGoSqueez!

One thing is great about this line is that they have 5 different varieties of these squeezable applesauce snacks including regular applesauce, apple banana, apple strawberry, apple cinnamon and apple peach. All are 100% fruit with no added sugar and one pouch equals one serving of fruit. I think it's important to constantly be introducing my kids to different flavors and foods, so when I can find a food in a form that they love that also has good variety- it's a win-win situation.

Find out more about GoGo Squeez here on their product page. Or become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

And watch this parent testimonial for more info- or visit the GoGo Squeez YouTube channel for more videos!

Disclosure: I received no product and compensation for this review. But I was entered into a contest as a thanks for my time in writing this and am hoping to win some GoGo Squeez in that contest!


raveandreview said...

Thanks for posting! I just heard about these the other day and am really excited to try them. Let me know if you find them in Seattle for a good deal!