Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: Boon Groovy, Snack Ball and Fluid Cup

When Boon contacted me and let me know that they had heard my pleas for the chance to do a review for them, I was completely thrilled! I've been reading reviews about Boon's wonderful products for ages and really wanted the chance to see for myself what all the hype was about.  They agreed to send me three products to review and offered me my choice of colors- pink, green/blue or orange.  Since I thought that my daughter would be the one using them the most, I selected pink.  You'll see how that turned out for us shortly...

The first product that we tested out was the Fluid Toddler Cup. This cup is totally different from any of the other multitudes of sippy cups in our cupboard, and it's way cooler. It's designed with an angled spout so that your child doesn't have to tip his or her head back so far to get a drink. 

I loved the simplicity of this cup- no straws or valves or things to lose in the sink. I had planned to give this to Vivian to test out, but Ethan saw it and grabbed it and ran off with it right away.  It's barely been out of his hands since then- he loves it!  He's been carrying it around and using it in the car and in bed and while watching TV, you name it. The cup hasn't leaked once, which is also unusual for sippy cups in our experience. The cup is easy for Ethan to hold on to and he absolutely loves it.  My son and his pink sippy cup....

Also pictured there with Ethan is the second product we tested out- the Groovy interlocking plate and bowl set. Another hit with us! The little pink cups come off the bigger plates and easily reattach to whatever location on the plate you want them. They're great for holding sauces or small food like the juice treats that Ethan was eating in this picture.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to throw out a plate of food that ended up soaked in ketchup or dressing and wasn't worth saving. This plate set keeps everything separate and neat.  And it's really easy to wash.  The plate also has a non-slid edge on the bottom, which keeps your kid from shoving it across the table and spilling everything on the floor. Not that my child would do that or anything. 

And finally came the snack ball. Which Vivian actually did get to use! This is a simple little ball that unscrews for easy snack loading. The top just slides open for your child to access his or her snacks.  Vivian's only 10 months old, but even she was able to hold the ball and feed herself from it. The snack ball is very sturdy, so it's perfect for throwing in your diaper bag and taking along, with no fear of ending up with a mushed snack.  

Boon has so many other wonderful products that I don't have time to mention here- things for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom/playroom. If you're not familiar with Boon, you really need to go check their webpage out!

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Disclosure: I received the product pictured above from Boon to test for myself. I was not compensated in any other way for this post and all opinions here are mine and mine alone.