Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Cheribundi!

Thanks to my involvement over at the Product Review Place, we recently got the chance to review a great juice product- Cheribundi. Cheribundi comes in three varieties- Tru Cherry, Skinny Cherry (fewer calories than the original and sweetened with Stevia) and Whey Cherry (with added protein).

Tru Cherry comes in an eight ounce bottle- and contained in this little bottle is the juice of 50 cherries. The juice is freshly made with juice from fruit grown in Michigan and New York.  According to the Cheribundi people, cherries have a power combination of phytonutrients, which may help regulate physiological functions in human. In addition to the phytonutrients, this juice contains Vitamin A, Potassium, Iron, and Calcium. The Whey Cherry juice also has B vitamins.

We received a sample pack that had two bottles of Tru Cherry and one bottle each of the Skinny Cherry and Whey Cherry.  I started out with the bottle of Skinny Cherry juice and thought it was delicious.  It really tastes just like cherry pie! Slightly tart, slightly sweet, totally yummy.  I did also take a small taste of Tru Cherry and Whey Cherry and thought that they tasted a tiny bit more tart than the Skinny Cherry, but were still really yummy. Daniel drank the rest of the bottles of these two flavors and said that he really enjoyed them.

You can visit the Cheribundi website to get more information about these juices, see which one is best for you and purchase some juice for yourself! If you're looking for a delicious way to get some more fruit into your diet, definitely check Cheribundi out!

Cheribundi has a contest going on right now on their Facebook page- you could win a new Apple iPad! Visit their Facebook page to enter! 

Disclosure: I received samples of this product to test for myself so that I could write a review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.