Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Photo Stork Announcements and Invitations

My daughter, Vivian, has somehow managed to rush through the entire first year of her life and is now almost ONE. My husband, Daniel, and I keep looking at her and then saying to each other- when did she turn from a baby into a toddler? It's really hard to fathom.

To celebrate Vivian's big 1st birthday, we will actually be having two birthday parties- one for family and one for friends.  For her family party, I was lucky enough to get super-personalized invitations from Photo Stork. Photo Stork is a business run by another blogger and stay-at-home mom, Andrea. Andrea is an amazing person- she used to be an opera singer and now she's at home raising her two ridiculously cute little girls. She is kind and sweet and leaves the most wonderful, encouraging comments for me on my blog when I'm having a bad day. So I admit, I kind of already was crazy about her before she started designing Vivian's invitations.
BUT- I promise, this review is unbiased!

Since Vivian is my second child and I've been through multiple rounds of birth announcements and birthday invitations and such, I've used quite a few different sites.  Including some very expensive sites.  Andrea's company is not a big name one, but it definitely stood up to the "big boys" in the end.  First of all, Andrea will work closely with you through the entire process. If you visit the Photo Stork site you will find some ideas for invitations or announcements, but if you don't see anything you like, Andrea will work with you to custom design something just for you. In my case, I sent her a picture of Vivian that I thought was particularly cute, and she worked from that. She also asked if I had a theme or design in mind for the party, and she worked my ideas in.  Andrea is happy to work with you to design a card for whatever event it is that you need a card for- any holiday, event, whatever.

We communicated back and forth for a while and Andrea sent me several versions of the card and Daniel and I looked at them and made comments and she quickly edited her design to match up with what we were thinking.  Last week the finished product arrived in the mail- my cards were very professional-looking, printed on commercial-grade matte finish card stock.  Here's what my cards looked like (with the personal information removed, there aren't really those big white spots on my cards):

I originally told Andrea that this invitation was just for Vivian's birthday party, then when she found out that we were also having Vivian dedicated at our church, she worked that in to the wording of the invitation and made it super special. I was so touched by that.

Another great thing- I asked Andrea if she could turn Vivian's monogram (in the right corner of the invites) into something that I could use for a cupcake topper for the party, and she did that too! This is the great thing about working with a small company, you really get the one-on-one attention and special treatment that you need.

If you need an invitation or announcement or holiday card, drop by Andrea's site, Photo Stork, and send her a message. She'd love to work with you, and she does great work. You'll be getting a beautiful product and supporting a stay-at-home mom as she chases her dreams, all at the same time. Her cards usually are about $0.95 per run for a 5x7 card. I've been on a lot of other sites recently and can assure you- this is a great price.

Disclosure: I did receive cards and cupcake toppers for this review, but all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


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