Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We're off to the eye doctor tomorrow!

I've been wearing eyeglasses since I turned 12. I went from being able to see pretty well as a young child to having trouble reading at school, so we headed off to the eye doctor and I picked out a lovely pair of pink plastic frames. Big ones. It was the late 80s, after all!

Since then I've continued to update my eyeglass wardrobe with new prescription glasses- you'll be happy to hear that I graduated from the pink plastic frames to a nice pair of subtle, small, oval glasses with a nice metal frame. This pair has been such a favorite of mine that I've kept it for around 10 years! I've worn these glasses on multiple trips to Europe, wore them during the time I was living in the former Soviet Union, wore them as I studied for my grad school degree, and wore them in the hospital after giving birth to my two children. 

Given all that my current pair of glasses have been through with me, it's hard to think of getting a new pair. But, these glasses have also been dropped and scratched and grabbed by little hands many times, so they're starting to show their age.  My husband and I both have eye appointments tomorrow, and I think it might be time for me to think about updating my glasses once more.

Besides the emotional attachment to my glasses, I have to admit that the cost of updating them also has kept me from doing so. Lately I have been looking at the idea of getting my new glasses online - the prices seem to be much lower than what I see in the eye doctors' offices around my home. I'm going to try on some pairs tomorrow after my exam and get an idea of what styles I like, then will do some shopping after that! I'll be sure to post a picture and let you all know what I end up with.

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