Monday, May 17, 2010

Info re: the Savvy Source Museum deal

One of my friends bought last week's membership to the Children's Museum and we went today. She brought along the coupon that she had received, which does say that it can be redeemed at the Children's Museum. When we got there though, the Children's Museum people told her that they couldn't give her the membership card, that it was all being done through Savvy Source.

When she got home she went back to Savvy Source and saw that there was a place to sign up online and that the membership card will be sent within 3 weeks. It apparently doesn't say that this is the only way to redeem the coupon, and her printed coupon does say that it can be redeemed at the museum itself, hence her confusion. 

Anyway, it's all fine in the end and she will get her membership card, but I wanted to give you guys a heads-up about this so that you don't drive downtown to the museum and then face this same issue.

And if any of you have plans to visit the Children's Museum soon, let me know! I'd love to do a meet-up and we're pretty much always there!

I received no compensation or product for this post- just passing on some information!