Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Limoges Factory.com- a great site for Limoges boxes and figurines!

In general I am not a person who likes too many things in her home that are not useful.  So in order for something to make it onto my shelves, it has to be something truly special, like these gorgeous Limoges boxes. I'd heard the name "Limoges" before, in books and on antiques shows on TV. These boxes and figurines are truly works of art. Limoges is a centuries-old French tradition that has continued to this day. If you look at the pieces, you can see why. They're so beautifully decorated and can't help but bring a smile to your face.

Limoges Factory.com is a site that has its pieces organized in an easy-to-browse manner, with the boxes and figurines sorted by category, price, sale items or bestsellers.   The site is a family-run business, and they have  a lot of experience with packing your delicate purchase so that it arrives safe and sound. In fact, according to the website their track record is 100% for safe arrivals! They also want to be sure that you're pleased with your purchase and operate with "the old-fashioned-customer-is-always-right way to do business."  Definitely something you want when making an investment in a Limoges piece!

As I said, the site has a fabulous selection of boxes and figurines. I'm a huge cat person, so I think their cat figurines are darling! This one is one of my favorites. 

They also have some book boxes that I am completely drooling over. My family loves books- they're such a huge part of our lives. One of my favorite books (I've read it in French, English and Russian!) is the Little Prince, so this box is definitely going on my dream gift list. 

And look at this wine bottle and stand. How cute! 

They have so many other options too- if you have a Limoges collector in your family or want a really special gift for someone in your life, check this site out

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time in writing this post, but all opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.