Friday, May 14, 2010

My two cents worth on the Pampers Dry Max issue

As you all know, I did receive a pack of diapers from Pampers back when the new Cruisers with Dry Max came out.  And I was able to giveaway diapers and other prizes from Pampers to three of my readers. I don't work with Pampers in any other way and I am not being compensated for this post, I just felt like sharing some information and making a comment.

When we received our sample pack of diapers, I used them on Ethan and was pleased with the performance and he had no problems with skin rashes.  A few weeks later, I passed Pampers with Dry Max on sale at the store, and I had a coupon too, so I picked up a  pack for Vivian. Vivian has a lot of problems with diaper rashes and sensitive skin in general, but she didn't have any problems with the Pampers with Dry Max either.  I've purchased packs several additional times since then- admittedly not all the time, since I am cheap and often can get other brands for a lower price. But, if the price for these is at all competitive, Pampers with Dry Max are the ones I choose to purchase.

I'll include some information below that I received from Pampers about the Dry Max diapers.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a kid with a stinky diaper, and I need to go deal with that!

"The fact is that Dry Max is one of the most tested diapers in Pampers history – developing Dry Max involved 20,000 babies and 300,000 diaper changes! With over two billion diaper changes with the new product, we have had on the average two reports of rashes for every million diapers. That’s as good a record as any diaper can expect, however we do anticipate that parents reporting rashes at the time of the switch, will attribute these rashes directly to the diaper. We have taken those attributions very seriously and have redoubled our efforts working with moms and their babies, pediatricians and other experts to fully examine what's going on. And truthfully, everything that we’ve seen or done so far has shown that these rashes – while very real for the parents and baby – are not being caused by Pampers with Dry Max.

I also think it’s important to mention that while our new Pampers with Dry Max diapers may be a new product, the diapers themselves contain the same type of materials as our previous Cruisers or Swaddlers diapers. By redesigning the diaper we were able to use the same type of tried and tested ingredients, but remove the bulk, to create our thinnest diaper ever that locks in wetness as our driest ever. Moms and dads have overwhelmingly told us that they like this new design because it’s more flexible for babies, more convenient for parents and one step better for the environment than the product it replaced."

Disclosure: Again, I received no additional product or compensation for this post. I did receive diapers from Pampers to write my original review several months ago, and had the opportunity to host several reader giveaways, but I have received nothing else since then. 


The Elwells' Weekly said...

I am so glad you posted this! While I mainly use cloth diapers I have gotten a little annoyed with all of the hoopla going on with these diapers! I work for a large company that produces packaged consumer goods (not P&G but one of similar size) and I know how much effort and testing is put into releasing a new product under a big brand name. Not that the complaints aren't real but I do feel like they are being blow out of proportion! So again, thanks for a little dose of reality! :)

Shana said...

I had no problems with these either and I think people just get crazy sometimes and go too far.

Lisa said...

I am also glad you posted this... I use them on my daughter and haven't had a problem with any rashes. Someone just probably made a big stink over nothing.