Friday, May 7, 2010

Review: Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar

Thanks to my involvement at the Product Review Place, I recently got to review an interesting family organizational device- the Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar.  When I first heard about this product, I was intrigued and wondered if it could be the solution to a common problem in my house- my husband simply does not read the calendar or to-do lists! And, honestly, half the time I miss written notes too.

The Jenda is a great solution to that common problem. It's a lifetime calendar- so no more buying new calendars for your fridge every year.  I was impressed at how easy this was to use right out of the box- you just quickly program the date and time and the calendar is ready to go. Recording messages is easy- I think even my little kids will have it figured out before too long!  The calendar looks fancy, but it's really very user-friendly and I don't think it would be intimidating for anyone.  I also love the strong magnets on the back, so it easily attaches to the fridge, if that's where you want to keep it. If you want it on your desk, there are built-in stands for that as well.

The Jenda can be used to record messages for specific calendar dates as well as weekly or yearly messages.  I love the yearly message feature in particular- I am awful at remembering birthdays.  With this you can just put in the message and the light will flash every year on that day so that you know to make a birthday phone call or send an email!  There's also a feature for recording a to-do list, which I really like.

The calendar has made it easier to keep us all on the same page for what's going on on a particular day.  In the morning if the red light is flashing for "today", then we know that there's something to be done or an appointment to go to.  If you want to see what's going on later in the week, just press the button for "Friday" or "Sunday" or whichever day you're wondering about and the Jenda will play back any message recorded for that day.

We did have a couple of minor things that we have noted while reviewing this. Daniel commented that, given the fact that this is a perpetual calendar, the numbers for the dates are not laid out as your calendar for the month would be. We solved this by having a tiny calendar on the fridge so we can look at that for reference. If he wants to see if there's something going on on a Sunday two weeks from now, he just refers to our little calendar to find the date and then presses the corresponding button on the Jenda.

As for me, I'm a big-picture and a visual type of person, so this won't completely replace the desk calendar in which I can quickly see the month or months ahead at a glance and have an idea of what's going on with the family for the foreseeable future. But I think the Jenda is a great tool both for keeping me on track on a daily/weekly basis and for conveying information to the rest of the family. We don't always need to know our schedule for the next month, we just need to know if there's an appointment or something to be done that day and the Jenda does a fabulous job of that. It's also been useful for me as a to-do list tracker- no more looking for paper and pens, just press the button and record.

If you have a busy family and too many things going on to keep track of, and if your family never pays attention to your spoken reminders or your post-it notes, consider the Jenda. It's a great way to keep everyone on the same page! For more information on the Jenda Lifetime Voice Calendar or to order one for yourself, visit the product website.

Disclosure: I received a calendar to test out and review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

I definitely need this one! Thanks for the review - I'm actually thinking of buy it now. I love the big picture too - but seriously love the day-to-day recorded scheduling.

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