Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: Pant clippo from Clippopotamus

A while back, I wrote a review of some great hair accessories from Clippopotamus that I had purchased for my daughter. Vivian's still wearing those and looking entirely too cute with them in her hair.  Now, thanks to the nice people at Clippopotamus, Ethan's been able to join in the accessory fun, now that he has a pant clippo from Clippopotamus.

Ethan's almost 3, but, until lately, he's been wearing 18-month sizes. He's very, very skinny.  He has started to get taller though, so that means we've had to move him up to 2T pants, which fit lengthwise, but not in the waist. A few of his pants have adjustable waists, but those tend to bunch and look funny, and I'm not really that big of a fan.  We've used other pant adjusters and have had luck with them, so I was excited to try out the pant clippo from Clippopotamus.

Although I've liked other pant adjusters that I've used, the pant clippo really surpassed those.  The pant clippo is really simply made- it's a ribbon with two strong alligator clips on each end. These really grasp the pants tightly and hang on to tighten your child's pants. In fact, they hold on so well that they don't have to be fastened around a belt loop- the clips will fasten to the waistband directly.  

Ethan was being stubborn when I put his pant clippo on him, and decided to wiggle around and try to remove it from his pants.  But the pant clippo held up to his 2 3/4-year-old wiggling and tugging! Very impressive. It did a nice job of tightening his pants so that there were no more accidental views of his diapers :)
I also love all the fun ribbon options that you can get the pant clippo in.  You can get fun patterns and bright colors. The perfect accessory for your skinny kid's wardrobe. 

Do you need one of these for your child's pants?  I actually have a giveaway underway for Clippopotamus- it's for a $30 credit, so you can get several pant clippos, or whatever else looks interesting to you! Go enter now, giveaway ends 5/31!

Disclosure: I was sent a product to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.