Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Expressionery Stationery

I'm an old-fashioned girl- this is evident in a lot of things about me- one of those things is my love of the handwritten note! So when I saw a sale on Expressionery Stationery, I knew I had to make a purchase. I ended up shopping in the clearance section of the site (have I mentioned that I rarely shop for anything except for things on sale?)

Even though I was shopping in clearance, I was still really pleased with the options that I found there. I ended up buying three sets of personalized cards- one for me, one for Ethan and one for Vivian. I figure the kids get enough presents that they have lots of thank you notes to write throughout the year, and it's time for them to have their own stationery.  Yes, that was a hard thing to convince my husband of, given that the kids can't actually write yet!

The personalization process was quick and easy- I was able to choose the font that I liked and then see a preview of exactly what my personalized cards would look like.  The cards came in the mail just a short time later, and they turned out great!  Ethan loved his cards with the characters from the Cars movie- he just sat and stared at them for the longest time!  I think my cards and Vivian's cards turned out really well too- I can't wait for someone to send us a gift so that I have an excuse to send a pretty card off in return!

Right now Expressionery is having a great sale- 45% off your order with the code BIRTHDAY5.  Go check out the site- they have stamps, stationery, address labels, cards, bookplates, calendars, recipe cards, memo pads... and SO much more!  Happy shopping and happy writing!

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post. Just writing about something that I bought and that we love!