Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym

The final product that I have gotten to review as one of the lucky Infantino Test Drive Moms is another new product from Infantino, the Twist & Fold Activity Gym. And yes, it's yet another product that makes me weep and gnash my teeth a little bit at the thought of how much easier this would have made my life when the kids were little! Moms of babies- you and your little ones are going to love this!

When the kids were at the lying-on-the-floor-playing-with-an-activity-gym-stage, we had a hand-me-down playmat that was easy to use, but a pain to store, since I had to figure out a way to stuff the whole thing in my closet and it just didn't fold up well.  Also, the toys on it weren't terribly interesting, and my kids always seemed to lose interest quickly.

Even though they aren't babies anymore, they loved the Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym!

As you can see in those pictures, this activity gym works differently from traditional activity gyms. Each of the four legs fits into that circle at the top and snaps into place. When you're done playing, just twist the knob and it releases the legs for easy folding and storage.

There are also other things on this activity gym that are different from others we've used. One main feature is that the toys that come with it can be attached to loops in a couple of different places on the legs, or even on the mat itself for playing during tummy time.  And, for easy tummy time, this gym comes with a bolster pillow to help prop your baby up a bit. Believe me, this makes a world of difference for keeping a baby happy! I also really like the big mirror that comes with this and attaches easily to the legs. My kids loved staring at themselves. Definitely a hit! 
This little animal plays music- this was my kids' other favorite feature, other than the mirror

Setting the gym up for the first use was really simple, just a matter of attaching a few snaps and putting the toys where I wanted them.  When you're done playing, just twist and fold and put away! You can see how nicely the whole thing folds up if you look at the picture at the top of this post.  Getting it folded up took me a couple of tries, but I pretty quickly got the hang of it and got everything fastened and folded right. And then it was great to be able to easily store it in a small section of my closet!

The activity gym seems to be really well made and sturdy. The knob to collapse the leg isn't hard to turn, but it also wouldn't be something that your child could manage without significant effort. And it's attractive too- I love the bright colors and patterns on this unisex version of the activity gym that we received. The attached animals are cute and the whole activity gym is just a lot of fun!

I can tell you, I'm going to have some happy friends soon, when I pass on my fun Infantino products to them for their new babies! This activity gym is great, as are the other products that I reviewed earlier (go here and here if you missed them). If there's a baby in your future, check all the great Infantino products out!

Disclosure: I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products to as part of my participation. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.