Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: WNBA game (Seattle Storm versus San Antonia Silver Stars)

Last night we wrapped up a fun Father's Day with a new experience for everyone in our family- we attended our first WNBA game! We're fortunate enough to live within walking distance of Key Arena, where the Storm play, so getting to the game was an easy experience for us. After a short wait to pick up tickets at will-call, we headed into Key Arena and to our seats. Our seats were in a good spot- right on the midline of the court, about 13 rows up. Truthfully though, all of the seats in Key Arena look like they're pretty good, and I think you would have a good view of the game from wherever you sit.

We got seated just after the teams were introduced, so there was a lot of screaming and yelling going on.  My kids are 1 and almost-3 years old, so they were a little overwhelmed by all the noise and all the people. I think they both just sat and stared for the entire first quarter.

 Ethan tries to take it all in

Go Storm!

Vivian checks out the people sitting around us and waits for the usual comments of adoration. She got them. 

The game was great-really fast-paced and never a dull moment. During every timeout and break between quarters there was music and audience participation activities and dancing.  The dance troupe for the Seattle Storm was great- it's a group of really talented kids who looked like they were having a fabulous time. My kids tend to get bored and wiggly pretty quickly during most activities, but they sat still and watched the whole game!

 The dance troupe gets ready to perform

Doppler, the team mascot drops by our section

 Last night was Dads and Daughters night, so the audience included quite a few famous dads there with their daughters including WNBA star Lauren Jackson's dad, a local radio personality, Seattle's new mayor, and Matt Hasselbeck (the Seattle Seahawks quarterback). The Storm continued their winning streak, defeating the Silver Stars 82 to 61, so all the Seattle fans left happy.

Hurray, Seattle won!

Happy Father's Day!

We also had passes to get autographs right after the game, so headed over a few sections in Key Arena and stood in the line to get autographs from Ashley Robinson and Le'coe Willingham. The line was pretty long when we showed up, but it moved quickly and we were on our way home and got the kids in bed not too long after their normal bedtime. 

Both Daniel and I thought that this was a perfect family outing.  We were given complimentary tickets from One2One Network, but tickets to WNBA games are very affordable and would fit into most family budgets.  This will definitely be an activity that we will repeat in the future- as we walked out Daniel was talking about how fun it would be to organize a dad/kid trip to the game with his friends and their kids!

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Disclosure: One2One Network provided Storm t-shirts for my family and tickets for us to attend this game.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.