Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: zzzTime Snooze Sack

Recently I was contacted about doing a review of a new line of products from sootheTIME, the zzzTIME bedtime essentials.  Since my youngest is a year old now, and these products are designed for smaller babies, I agree to look at the product and see what I thought of it, then pass it on to a friend to test out with her baby and report back to me. Instead, this is what happened. 

As it so happens, I have incredibly small children, so Vivian, at a year old, still fit nicely into the Stage 2 Snooze Sack. And I'm so glad that she did! She has a fairly sizeable collection of sleep sacks that we've used and loved, but most of them are fairly heavy, so she's been getting too warm while she sleeps. This Snooze Sack has been the perfect solution! 

Not only is it made of nice, comfortable, soft fabric (100% cotton), but it has ingenious Comfort Vents to help prevent overheating.  The Snooze Sack also has another feature that I've not seen before- they're called Comfort Wraps, and it's an adjustable velcro wrap inside the sack that you lightly fasten around your baby's stomach. They're there to help give your baby a little extra security. If you don't want to use those, just velcro the wrap closed and put it behind your baby. No problem!

Vivian has been loving this Snooze Sack. She seems to like the feeling of the Comfort Wraps around her midsection and she's no longer waking up sweaty, thanks to the Comfort Vents. I don't generally change her diapers in the middle of the night, but if I needed to, this Snooze Sack has a bottom-up zipper for easy access.

You can see the vents down at the bottom right side of the Snooze Sack

The Stage 2 Snooze Sack that we received is designed for babies 3-9 months, and 12-18 lbs. You can also get a Stage 1 Snooze Sack for babies 0-3 months (7-11 lbs).  

There are several other zzzTIME products that look really interesting as well. These include the Snooze Wrap Plus, which helps parents perfectly swaddle their newborns; Snooze Sheets, which help keep a baby positioned correctly for sleep (and they even have a play yard sheet version of this, which is great for people whose kids sleep in a pack n play!); and the Sleepzies, a one-piece, long-sleeve body suit for sleeping.  Everything is available at Babies R Us in stores or online.

So, if there's a baby or baby shower in your future, check these great products out!

Disclosure: I received a Snooze Sack to test out and review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.