Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What room do you want to repaint? Glidden makes it simple!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

As my Mother's Day present, Daniel repainted the large wall in our kitchen. Now instead of staring at a boring white wall, I have a bright orange wall to cheer me up on the grey Seattle days. It ended up being kind of a complicated project- we chose our original color based off of a small color chip, and once we got it up on the wall...let's just say that I knew immediately that it was all wrong. So wrong that I couldn't live with it for even a minute and sent Daniel straight back to the store to try again.

I should say now that this project would have been SO much easier if we'd been smart and used Glidden paints for it! You can start your Glidden experience before you even leave home to head to the store, by logging on to the Glidden.com website. There you will find a great virtual room painting tool, coordinating color ideas, top colors, inspiration for your rooms, you name it! Drop by and check it out! http://bit.ly/bjLb2u The Top 10 Color Palettes are great for deciding what you want for your room- and they were assembled by color experts to help you express your personality in your space.

Once you've come up with some ideas, then you can head on over to Home Depot to pick up a Glidden Ready-To-Go Paint Tester. These are cool little testers that have a brush right in the lid and that allow you to try out the paint color on your wall before you do what we did and buy a gallon of paint that you dislike!  Easy to  use, easy to store- and handy for paint touch-ups as well. We have some damaged walls where the kids have hit them that need touch ups, I'm going to have to go pick up some of these paint testers to fix that!

At Home Depot you can also get Glidden XL color chips to compare on your walls and really see how the color looks in your room with your lighting. These paint chips even come with coordinating color ideas.  And you can find inspiration pictures to help you figure out exactly what you need for your home. Then come back and get your Glidden paint and get busy painting!

So, avoid the hassle of buying and returning paint that's just not right for your room and of having to repaint an entire wall when you hate the color that you thought was right, based on a little color chip.  Visit the Glidden website, get ideas for what you want, then pick up an XL color chip or a paint tester and try them out!

In response to a comment left- yes, it looks like you can get low/no VOC Glidden paint at Home Depot. 

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Jen said...

Do they have low or no VOC paints that you know of? Jackson is screaming (attention) right now and I don't want to forget later or I would check myself. I am the painter in the house and Josh can't b/c of his back.