Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another great Leapfrog product for our home!

We have a small home, so have to limit the number of toys that our kids own. I was looking around the other day and realizing that so many that we've purchased and received as gifts are Leapfrog products. And, while other toys don't seem to stick around for long, these definitely do. They seem to all have that magical combination of being both fun and educational, which is always the goal for things I buy.

Our newest addition is a My Pal Scout for Ethan. Back in June I wrote about how much we love the My Pal Violet that Vivian received as a birthday gift.  It's been such a hit in our home, but the kids have been fighting over it non-stop.  Both of them want Violet to sleep in their bed at night and play them bedtime tunes. For our own sanity, we decided it was best to just get Ethan a My Pal Scout of his own. He's been doing a good job with potty-training and deserved a reward, so the timing was good.

The cuteness!

Of course, now Ethan wants to carry around both Violet and Scout, but I think that this acquisition will bring peace to our home.  We all love this toy- the personalization features are great, the toy is sturdy enough for a crazy almost-3-year-old, and it's so snuggly as well. Most of the places that we saw this toy sold, it was under $20, so it's a super-affordable and fabulous gift for the young child in your life.  There aren't many other toys that I would be willing to keep two of in the house, but this toy is so worth it!

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post. Just writing about something that we purchased and that we love!


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