Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Body Gospel workout program- update #1

As I mentioned a few weeks ago- I have a new addition to my workout routine- the Body Gospel workout program. I've been at it for about two weeks, doing one of the workouts from this DVD set on alternating days from my Couch-to-5K training.  I will be posting progress photos later on, but wanted to share my initial thoughts today.

  • I love that the DVDs come along with so many extras in the kit, like a measuring tape to track your physical progress, a nutrition guide, and a 3-day jumpstart plan. I also really love the basic 10 fitness cards which come in the pack and show you in photos some of the basic moves that Donna uses in the routines. It really helped to see those ahead of time and get the moves down before jumping into the workout.
  • The Body Gospel resistance bands are fabulous! I've used other resistance bands and they've always seemed a little scary to me. These are well made, easy to adjust and really add to the workout. 
  • There are 6 different workouts on the DVDs, so you can pick and choose and find one that works with your workout needs and time availability for the day. 
  • When you do the workouts, there's a choice to have the worship/gospel music at either a loud volume or a normal volume.  I like this option a lot, because once I've done a workout a few times I don't need to hear all the same instructions and comments again. Having the option to workout to the sound of the energetic worship music instead was great!
  • The workouts do include one person up on stage with Donna (the leader) who is doing some of the exercises at a modified level. I like this option a lot!
  • The workouts move FAST, so it's a little intimidating at the beginning.  I was a little overwhelmed the first time I did each of the workouts, but I did get the ideas down and things were smoother the second go-round.
I'm really enjoying this addition to my running training.  It's nice to be able to work on some muscles and gain strength in other areas of my body that aren't being as affected by the running.  And I really like the worship music and reminders of God while I'm exercising! I do have to admit, the first time I did one of the workouts, it was a tiny bit "pentecostal" for me, but I soon loosened up and started really enjoying the reminder to worship whole-heartedly, no matter what situation I'm in!

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Disclosure: I received a Body Gospel program to review and one to offer as a giveaway, thanks to my involvement at the Product Review Place. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.