Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Body Gospel workout program- update #2

One of the things that the sponsor of my Body Gospel review requested from me is that I update here on my progress every 15 days.  Unfortunately, since I last updated, I was traveling during one week and then was under the weather the next. But I'm now back on the wagon and will hopefully have some actual results for you soon!

But this under-the-weather thing did help me find out another pro of the Body Gospel workout program- some of the workouts can be done even when you're feeling yucky! Though most of the workouts are fairly intense exercise, there are some segments that are shorter and easy to do pretty much whenever. My favorite when I wasn't feeling good was the Stretch in the Spirit workout. It's only 12 minutes long, and isn't a tough workout, but really helped loosen me up and get my muscles moving a little.  A slight energy output helped me feel immensely better! I really like that the workout program offers these options. They're great!

So, stay tuned next week when I subject you all to photos of my progress so far. Hopefully the pictures wont be too scary! :)