Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great customer service from Chase Bank

I got a phone call this morning from my husband- he'd just received a phone call from our bank, Chase, letting him know that someone had gotten access to my husband's debit card number and had taken money out of our account. Daniel had taken out $20 for lunch two days ago from a downtown Seattle ATM, and he apparently was the target of an ATM skimmer, as someone tried using the card number 20 minutes later in a town south of Seattle.  Apparently they tried numerous times to access the account and failed before finally succeeding last night. 

Thankfully, the attempts to take out money before successfully withdrawing a large sum managed to alert Chase Bank that there was something wrong, and after the one withdrawal they froze my husband's debit card and gave him a call. I think that we're going to be able to dispute the withdrawal and get the money back- hopefully that wont take too long!

So, hats off to Chase Bank and thanks for paying such close attention and watching out for us! And, be aware of skimmers and what those could look like on your ATM! As far as we can tell, Daniel's card info was stolen when he used a bank ATM, so it can happen anywhere. Keep an eye out for anything unusual at the ATM and watch your bank balance!