Thursday, July 29, 2010

Great resources for making a play kitchen for your home!

Yesterday I posted with a request for ideas for my son's third birthday present, and someone mentioned "pretend play" items. And then I realized that I never posted here about the play kitchen that my husband and I built for our son! I was inspired by this great post by Your Sister Friend, in which she shared the kitchen that she had made, using ideas from Out of the Crayon Box. Pretty much all you do is buy a nightstand at the local thrift store (or find an old one in your house that you don't need) and go from there!

Our kitchen is not as fancy as the ones on these blogs. We live in a condo in the city and don't own things like a saw or a drill, so my husband has been improvising. We still have some (okay, a lot) of work to do on the whole thing, but here's what it looks like so far:
We still need to add a faucet and cut a whole to sink the "sink" into on the top, but the kids don't mind and have been playing with it as is. We also are going to hinge the top drawer to make it be like an oven.

Our friends' kids have had fun playing with this when they visit too, and the whole thing has only cost us about $20 so far.  Good investment, I think! Check out the other blogs to see what these kitchens look like when people with real tools and more craft skills make one, I think you'll really be impressed!

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Sara said...

Our play kitchen has been a huge hit as well! She loves to "cook" with the pots and pans set and make soup, declare it too hot, and feed it to all of us. I think a pots and pans set or some play food would be a good bday gift!

Chelsey said...

This is such a great kitchen and apparently fun for all ages!!!