Thursday, July 29, 2010

The newest thing that I'm lusting over over at Etsy

I have to stop reading other people's blogs- they're always righting about great stuff! Yesterday The B Keeps Us Honest posted about an Etsy store with some gorgeous necklaces. Darn you!! :) The Etsy store is called Photoglassworks, and here are a few of my favorites from the site:

Seriously, how pretty are those! The B Keeps Us Honest has a coupon code up over at her site, if you find them as irresistable as I do.  Right now I'm sitting here and trying to figure out an event that's coming up soon for which my husband needs to buy me a present, so that I have an excuse to buy one for myself :)  

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post- just passing on some information! 


annalene said...

Oh pretty, I love etsy too!

I'm giving away a pair of earring from an etsy seller on my site right no, so if you're interested please stop by and check it out (giveaways can be found on my sidebar).