Monday, July 26, 2010

Promo code for one month free at

Last week I received an email with information about a great new website- Essentially, this site is like NetFlix, but for game rentals. Specifically for game rentals for your child's electronic devices, like those made by Leapfrog and VTech.  They have games for eight devices including Little Leaps, Clickstart, Leapster, Didj, V. Smile Baby, V. Style, V. Motion and V. Flash. even has games to rent that are no longer available for purchase on the market!

Rental packages start as low as $9.99 per month. 

I was sent a promo code to share with you all- if you use this code, you can get a month free of the 1-game-at-a-time package, or $9.99 toward another package. Code: d1cbdd Code expires 8/31/10

Here's some more information, from a press release about is a new online video game rental company that features LeapFrog and VTech educational video games. One of the most impressive services SmartyRents provides for parents is the ability to search for games by a specific educational skill. For example, if a child is struggling with addition, parents can search for only those games that address addition. Parents can search among 150 educational skills to select key skills pertinent to their child's age and learning level. Fun games for kids are available for children as young as 9 months to 10 years old. With every game arrival, children can embark on a new learning adventure with their favorite characters from Disney, Nickelodeon and many more.

SmartyRents provides educational materials to entertain children at a low cost. Parents want the best educational experiences for their children. With cost savings in mind, SmartyRents can provide that experience. When children master each level at their own speed, they can move on to the next level without the need for purchasing or storing outgrown games. SmartyRents allows children to try a game before investing in it – to guarantee they won't get stuck with a dud. If children love the game so much that it pains them to part with it, then they can take advantage of the SmartyRents Love It option. The Love It option allows families to keep the game by purchasing it at the reduced Love It price.

SmartyRents is also the perfect all-occasion gift that keeps on giving. Instead of buying another toy that will continue to add to the clutter, buy a SmartyRents Gift Certificate. This gift is easy to buy and redeem, exciting to receive and play and makes learning fun. SmartyRents gift certificates are available in any dollar amount to fit any budget or occasion. 

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post- just passing on some info to you all!