Monday, July 12, 2010

Review (part 1): Little Looster

Ethan will be turning 3 in less than a month, so I've decided that it's about time to try potty training again. So when we woke up this morning to rainy skies... I thought I'd go for it! We made one attempt a few months ago that was an utter disaster, so I've spent the interim months gathering any and all ideas that will help make this second go-round more successful.

One of the fabulous items that I've received is a great invention by a mom from Portland, Oregon (go Pacific NW moms!!!). It's called a Little Looster, and it's a booster seat that goes around the bottom of your toilet to support your little one's legs while he/she sits on the toilet.  No more need to hang on to the toilet seat or fear falling in, since their legs aren't dangling in mid-air.

Today was the first day that Ethan used the Little Looster, and I can tell that he's much more confident on the toilet than he was on the last potty-training attempt.  For the first few days of potty training we're using our little portable seat for the most part, while he gets used to the idea of peeing somewhere other than in his diaper. But at the same time, I'm also having him practice sitting on the big toilet to get used to sitting there. With the Little Looster, I don't have to hold him on the potty like I did in the past, since his legs are supported and he's not just dangling there. Ethan's very small for his age, so he really needs this!

I also like the fact that the Little Looster doesn't ever need to be moved. It tucks nicely under the toilet in a way that, when it's in place, it doesn't interfere with adult usage of the toilet and never needs to be moved. We've had the Little Looster in place in our bathroom for about a week and a half now, and it's never gotten in my way when I'm using the bathroom.  We have no storage space to move things around, so this is a big plus for us!

I'll write again in a few weeks to let you all know how the Little Looster is working for us and how the potty training process is going.  So far I'm really impressed and think it's going to be a useful tool that will give Ethan confidence to use the big toilet without fear. Hopefully there will be many less diapers in my life soon!

Disclosure: I received a Little Looster to use for my family and review here. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.


Sara said...

I think this is a great invention! We haven't started potty training yet but I am sure I will look into this when we start. I have heard from the pediatric urologist at children's that many issues people have in potty training is switching to the big potty without giving leg support to their kids! This is much easier than using stacks of books like they suggest! Good luck!