Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A great tool for potty-training- the Potette Plus!

Back last year when my friends were all potty-training their kids, I started noticing some of them carrying around a small bag with some sort of folding plastic thing inside.  One day I asked what it was and was told that it was a Potette.  So when I started potty-training Ethan I looked into this further and discovered the Potette Plus for myself.  People, if you are potty-training now or in the future, run, do not walk, to buy a Potette Plus. This is the best purchase I've made in a long time.

Here's some information from the Potette website:
Robustly made (will carry 30 kgs) POTETTE PLUS® provides a full size comfortable seat and rubberized non slip legs ensures security for both on the floor at potty time and on the adult seat for training time.
And here's a picture of this wonderous invention:

The genius of this is that it 1) folds up and isn't bulky or heavy to carry around, 2) can be used as a stand-alone potty with the disposable liner, or 3) when completely unfolded, sits on the adult toilet seat REALLY securely and provides a safe place for your child to sit. 

We took a trip a few weeks ago and had no desire to take Ethan's training potty along, so instead took the Potette. It was so easy to use and gave Ethan the confidence to sit on strange toilets and do what he needed to do. The seat is really sturdy and provided a lot of support for Ethan. No worries about slipping into the big toilet when this is on the seat.

The only minor drawback about the Potette Plus is that the splashguard really is too low for boys, and we had a bit of splashing to deal with until we all got used to the limitations.

I got my Potette Plus on Amazon for less than $15, which is a bargain price for something that is this useful. If you're potty-training or just have a kid who's too small to sit comfortably on the big toilet seat, definitely check this out.

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post. Just passing on some information about a purchase that I made and that I love!