Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: Band Angels bandages

Thankfully for me, my kids aren't really yet at the stage where they're getting lots of scrapes and scratches. Although that's starting to change as Vivian has now learned to run and now that the kids are encouraging each other to climb higher and run faster and scare Mommy more!

But, thanks to a new product that I received to review, I'm ready for the little boo-boos that are sure to happen.  The product is called Band Angels, which are adhesive andages with Bible verses and angels printed on them.  These bandages were created by a grandfather whose granddaughter suffers from Juvenile Diabetes, meaning lots of medical procedures and lots of bandages on her fingers and arms. (From the website) "He realized how millions of children’s parents hurt when their children hurt – whether it’s from insulin injections or minor cuts and scrapes. How powerful would it be to put healing bible verses and angels right on that wound? And the Band Angels were born."

I love this idea- it's an easy way to remind kids that while it might be Mommy or Daddy who is picking them up, kissing the ouchies and putting the bandage on, it's God who heals! And the Band Angels are awfully cute too.

Here's Vivian with a Band Angel bandage on her scraped up knee:

The bandage is nice and sturdy, in addition to being cute, and stuck well to Vivian's leg. It also removed easily when she'd had enough of having something stuck to her. She loved the pictures of the angels and kept looking at them and pointing at them.  She's too young to understand the idea behind the Bible verse, but I still liked reading it to her and telling her what it meant, even if she didn't quite get it :)

If you sign up for the Band Angels newsletter, you can receive three sample bandages to try out for yourself! And when you're ready to buy, visit the Band Angels website to find out where to buy some of these great bandages. 

Disclosure: I received a box of Band Angels to review and try out for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.