Monday, September 6, 2010

Review: Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Creme Lotion

To celebrate the unofficial end of summer, today I am posting about a new product from Hawaiian Tropic- After Sun Creme Lotion.  Thanks to SheSpeaks, I received a bottle of this lotion, in the Island Mango fragrance. I was initially a little concerned that I wouldn't like the fragrance, since I don't particularly like smelling like fruit, but when I put on the lotion, I was very pleased. The scent is very very light- enough to be enjoyable, but not so much that you are going to make people around you start craving tropical fruit.

I also really liked the texture of the lotion.  Since we had little sun here this summer, I never really used the lotion in an "after sun" way. That being said, this is a nice lotion that I've been enjoying putting on as a daily body moisturizer.  It contains shea and mango butters and has done a nice job of moisturizing my skin without being greasy. It's thick enough to not drip or run, but not so thick that you have to work hard to rub it in.

My only minor complaint about the lotion is in the bottle. It has a nozzle that looks like one you'd find on an aerosol can, but it's actually just a lotion pump. This means that it's kind of tricky to get just a small amount of lotion out. Not a big deal, but something that has come to my attention while using it. 

Even though summer is pretty much over, I know I'm going to continue using and enjoying this lotion, especially during the long winter months- what better way to cheer up than to put on a wonderful skin lotion, smell the light tropical scent and be able to pretend for a moment that I'm on a beach in Hawaii...

You can buy this lotion online at various stores, including this one,  and I've also seen it in my local grocery/drugstores. And you can find a $1 off coupon for any Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care product at this page. Happy shopping! 

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Disclosure: I received a bottle of this lotion to test out and review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.