Monday, September 13, 2010

Seattle-area people- great deal on a membership to Imagine Children's Museum (Everett)

Savvy Source is back with another great deal! Today you can purchase a membership to Everett's Imagine Children's Museum for only $38- that's half off! And remember that 5% of your purchase price goes to a preschool fund for those in need and another 5% goes to a school of your choice. Click here to purchase this deal!

Imagine Children's Museum: Family fun membership to Imagine Children's Museum
Where fun begins and learning never ends
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Adventure and learning abound at The Imagine Children's Museum. The variety of hands-on exhibits mirror our community, bringing life to children's imaginations and answers to their questions. Everything at The Imagine Children's Museum is hands-on. They can touch, climb and create to their heart's content. Children can dress up and play on a stage, drive a bus and a ferry, work in a pizza store or a bank and much more. Kids can run in and out of any of their amazingly lifelike sets and immerse themselves in pretend play. They can stroll through a downtown city street with a friend, cash a pretend check at the bank, hop on a make-believe jet, or hang out in a super-cool treehouse.
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Imagine Children's Museum
1502 Wall St
Everett, WA 98201