Monday, October 4, 2010

Book review: Love and Respect For a Lifetime

My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years now and in that time we've had two kids, moved twice, he's changed jobs twice, and I've gone from a busy career woman to a stay-at-home mom.  We have a good marriage, but life has been busy, and I know that we have to make a point to slow down and focus on keeping our marriage on track.  So I'm always happy to get to read books about marriage, and was glad to get to review a new one, Love and Respect For a Lifetime, by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

This book is actually a gift book, which I was initially unsure about, but ended up really liking. Since it's a gift book, it's simple with just a phrase or paragraph or two on each page. It's a nice hardback book with nice, thick, glossy pages. The decorations on the pages and the colors that are used are very eye-catching, and I enjoyed looking through it.  The book is divided up into six sections- introducing the idea of love and respect, discussing male and female differences, sections for showing love to wives and respect to husband, how to communicate love and respect and finally developing a love and respect that lasts.

This is not a book that I'd recommend if you're looking for an in-depth marriage advice book, but it's a nice introduction to the other Love and Respect books by this author.  I think this would be a wonderful book to give a newly engaged or newly married couple, to help introduce them to a very important point in marriage- the need of the husband for respect and the need of the wife for love. The concept of this love/respect discussion is based on Ephesians 5:33, where Paul tells husbands to love their wives as they love themselves and wives to respect their husbands. This love/respect idea appears on pretty much every page, so you will definitely get the idea down after reading it! 

Even though I'm not a newlywed, I still enjoyed this book. Since it's a gift book, it was a quick read, but gave me a good reminded of the incredible importance to my marriage of showing respect to my husband. I really liked the examples for easy ways that I could show respect for my husband. And I liked the suggestions for easy ways that my husband could show love to me. I'm definitely going to keep this book on my nightstand and read through it often to keep the important ideas of love and respect fresh in my mind!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book as part of the Booksneeze program. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.