Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm dreaming of the ultimate family vacation

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If you've been reading my blog for the last several months, you know that we've had a fairly non-summery  summer here in Seattle. Rainy, cold, grey, with just a few days of outrageous (for us) heat thrown in.  Lots to whine about :)  So I'm a little sad that fall is here already- I still need to see some real summer! To compensate, I'm spending lots of time daydreaming about a vacation to somewhere fabulous- specifically to Greece and to the Greek Isles.

I'm a person who loves travel. So far I've seen a lot of Western Europe and parts of Eastern Europe, as well as most of the US and a good bit of Canada. But I have yet to make it to my dream destination of the Greek Isles. I'd love to book a cabin on a luxury cruise ship and sail around the sea- visiting sunny towns with beautiful architecture and pretty blue roofs and lots of historical sites and interesting people.  I dream of sittin and watch people walk through the town and gazing at the sea in the distance as I enjoy a wonderful meal of Greek food and a glass of wine. 

I have to admit, for this trip I'd probably have to drop my kids off at their grandparents and just take my husband. I love my kids, but this seems like such a romantic place, and I'd love to go there with my husband as a second honeymoon. We could walk hand in hand, enjoy late dinners, visit museums and maybe even sleep past 8 in the morning. The perfect trip! Maybe someday! Until then, I'll keep dreaming. What's your Ultimate Family Vacation?

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