Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Annabel Karmel feeding products (part 1)

Recently, thanks to my involvement as an Infantino Test Drive Mom, I received a number of great Annabel Karmel baby/toddler feeding accessories. So many that I'm actually going to have to break this post up into two parts! The first set of products that I'm going to talk about today are the fabulous food storage products that I received- the six stackable food pots, the freeze tray,  and the double decker meal box.

People- if you have a little one at home and he or she eats- you need these products :) My first thought when I took them out of the box was "why oh why couldn't I have found these back when my kids were smaller!"

The first product that I wish I had when the kids were smaller is the freeze tray. When I made food for my kids and froze it, I stored it in an old ice tray covered with aluminum foil. This meant that it was always getting freezer burned and it was hard to get out of the tray and into a serving dish and was just generally a pain.  The solution- the fabulous Annabel Karmel freeze tray. This thing is great. It has nine 1-ounce sections and a plastic lid to tightly seal the whole thing. The plastic that it's made out of is soft, so it's easier to get the frozen food out of than an ice cube tray.  And the whole thing is both freezer (of course) and dishwasher safe (hurray!), which are two of my favorite phrases.

 My stackable pots, all stacked up!

The next product that I love- and that is still super useful, even with slightly older kids, is the set of stackable food pots. There are six pots in the set, two each of three different sizes. They helpfully have markings on the side to indicate ounces or mls.  Each pot has a tight snap-on lid that really stays put. I didn't have trouble with the lids falling off, even when the pots were loose in my diaper bag.  I also like that the pots really do stack up and clip together nicely for storage.  And, best of all, the pots are freezer to microwave safe, so you can just take out your frozen food and heat it up for your baby and feed him/her right out of the little pot!

 The double decker meal box, looking deceptively small

And I saved the best for last (in my mind at least). My absolute favorite product out of this whole set is the wonderful double decker meal box. I used it to take Ethan's food with us to his feeding therapy this week and his therapist immediately spotted it and started asking me questions. Then when I unpacked it and showed her all the little hidden surprises, she loved it even more. This is a great lunchbox. It looks like just a small box, but it can easily expand to be a double layer box for bigger meals! Inside it has two smaller boxes to keep your food separate, and in the lid there's the most adorable little spoon and fork.  This is an item that can be used with a little child or an older child. I love things that grow with my kids!

 All the things that were in the little meal box!

So, if you have some child feeding needs- definitely check out these new products. And stay tuned later this week for my review of some Annabel Karmel baby/toddler food preparation items!

Disclosure: I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.