Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Have a Laugh, Volumes 1 and 2 (DVDs)

There's been a great sound coming from my son's bedroom over the past few days- peals of laughter as he sits on his couch and watches his new DVDs- Have a Laugh, Volume 1 and Volume 2.  When I first heard about these DVDs, I knew that my son would love them, and I was excited about the idea of introducing him to some classic cartoons. Once I received them and we started watching them, I was definitely not disappointed, and they were as much fun as I had hoped. Here's a bit about the DVDs, from a press release that I received:
Kids and adults can join Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and the rest of the gang on their rollicking escapades, as they star in a series of timeless Disney cartoons the entire family can enjoy. Have A Laugh Volume 1 features such classics as Mickey and the Seal, in which Mickey unexpectedly brings home a baby seal in his fish basket and chaos ensues. Additionally, Chip ‘n Dale are the stars of Winter Storage, a fun-filled tale in which the two mischievous chipmunks go after Donald Duck’s supply of acorns. And in Lonesome Ghosts Mickey, Donald and Goofy are ghost hunters who try to tackle four troublesome spooky specters. These and several other fast-paced comedy romps are featured on this delightful volume.
The fun continues with Have a Laugh Volume 2 where viewers will be quickly howling with laughter as “Conductor Pete” nearly derails Mickey and Pluto’s train ride. Get set to “quack up” when Donald battles a noisy alarm clock and a feisty folding bed. Then, join Goofy on a sidesplitting ski trip as – “BLAM!” – he hits the slopes…really hard. And the fun doesn’t end there.

In addition to the classic cartoons, these DVDs feature several special new additions- BLAM! episodes and Re-MICKS. The BLAM! episodes are physical comedy moments from the cartoons with color commentary, and the Re-MICKS are mash-ups of cartoon clips with music accompaniment such as Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" and "He Could Be the One" by Hannah Montana.

Volume 1 is 73 minutes long and Volume 2 is 63 minutes long. Both DVDs are available now for a suggested retail price of $19.99 ($24.99 in Canada).  If there's someone in your life who loves these classic Disney cartoons, definitely check these DVDs out!

Disclosure: I received copies of these DVDs to review here on my blog. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.