Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: K's Kids Toys

My kids have been having lots of fun lately with a great new toy that we received- Musical Activity Ryan! Musical Activity Ryan is an adorable toy from K's Kids, a series of toys designed specially for babies and toddlers.  Here's a little more about the company, from its website:
is a series of toys specially developed for babies and toddlers. We are committed to making the best toys for the young hands and minds. We use the best and the safest materials to produce toys that are adorable, educational and fun to play with. The first K's Kids toy was launched in 1997. It is so well received by the parents and babies that in less than five years' time K's Kids products are selling in over 50 countries and enjoyed by millions of babies and toddlers. Originality of product concept is also one very strong focus of K's Kids products, and our product development team includes psychologists, child development experts and also parents themselves. Concepts originated by K's Kids have been highly recognized by the toys industry, it has won a number of world renowned toys awards.
Musical Activity Ryan is my family's first experience with K's Kids, and we're very impressed! Here's a picture of our cute toy-
Musical Activity Ryan is a soft stuffed zebra on a rocking base (which can be easily removed, if you choose).  On the front he has a shape sorting system, and on the back, he has a fun slidy peg board.

I love that this toy has activities on both sides- that means my kids can play with it at the same time with a minimum of fighting.  Musical Activity Ryan's tail is a nice, solid plastic rattle, which is fun for shaking! And on the rocking base, there's a button that you can push to play a song.  The button has been easy for both of my kids to operate, so they've been able to make the music play and haven't needed my help.

This toy is designed for kids 12 months of age and up, and it's been a big hit with both Vivian, age 16 months, and Ethan, age 3. I've been impressed by the quality construction and just how soft and cute this toy is. Way cuter than any other shape sorting toy that I've ever seen! Musical Activity Ryan only plays one song, and I wish there were a few more options, since my kids love to press the music button over and over...but the song is nicely played and doesn't sound mechanical or annoying. You can turn off the music if you choose, which is a nice option.

K's Kids has so many other toys that look great. 

So, if you're looking for a great toy for the baby or toddler in your life, check out all the great toys that K's Kids has to offer!
Disclosure: I received Musical Activity Ryan to review for myself. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.