Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: Dole Fruit Bowls in Gel and Fruit Parfaits

Daniel and I have been acting like our kids lately- fighting over who gets to eat the last Dole Fruit Bowl! Last week I received some coupons from Dole to try these out, and on our next trip to the grocery store, Daniel and I picked out the items that we wanted to sample.  We ended up with two of the fruit bowls in gel- Mandarins in Orange Gel and Peaches in Strawberry Gel and one of the fruit parfaits- the Peaches and Creme.

Although we generally try to eat fresh fruit and veggies, that's not always cost-effective or practical, particularly during the summer. And it's nice to have packaged fruit to throw into Daniel's lunch.  Mornings are crazy here, and I don't usually have time for chopping and peeling.  So these fruit bowls and fruit parfaits are great.

And not only are they convenient, they are so yummy! I love the parfaits- they're a nice combination of fruit and cream, and only 120 calories, so I'm not destroying my diet when I eat one. The fruit gels are also really delicious and are even lower in calories!

You can get the Fruit Bowls in Gel in a number of flavors- the ones I listed above, as well as mixed fruit in black cherry gel, mixed fruit in peach gel, and pineapple in lime gel.  The Fruit Parfaits come in the peaches and creme flavor that is my favorite, as well as apples and creme and pineapple and creme.  You can also get fruit bowls without gel or creme. Fruit bowl options include diced apples, diced peaches, diced pears, mandarin oranges, mixed fruit and more!

These Dole products are available at a store near you! In my grocery store, they're found on the shelves near the canned fruit. Have fun picking out the one that looks yummiest to you!

Disclosure: I received coupons to sample these products for myself and review here on the blog. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.