Saturday, January 15, 2011

Have you signed up for QuestionMoms yet?

There's a new site out now- called QuestionMoms. The board is open to all moms in the US and Canada, regardless of the age of your kids. It's simple- just answer questionnaires (which generally take 5 minutes or less) and earn money (usually $1 per questionnaire).  Simple and easy. Here's a bit more info, from the FAQ page:

What is is a software solution that connects business owners, inventors and entrepreneurs with moms across the United States and Canada for research and market feedback.

How does work?

Clients create a questionnaire using our guided template. The client selects their market by age, region or other qualification and pays for the service. identifies QuestionMoms members of the target market by scanning the database of prequalified mom panelists. Emails are sent to the target market inviting the member to participate in the questionnaire.

Panelists who have completed a profile and have been verified receive the email notification and choose whether or not to participate. Participants follow the email link to a questionnaire and provide the client anonymous feedback. The panel participant then receives a cash payment to their account which is deposited through PayPal.

To sign up, just click the link below. There's more info there on the site and more FAQs as well, if you'd like to know more. 

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