Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Preschooler/toddler magazines that we love

My parents like to get my kids gifts for their birthdays or other special occasions, but are frequently stumped at what to buy.  We've got limited space here, so have to keep the toys and stuffed animals to a minimum- we have memberships to every local attraction- and the kids have lots and lots of books and music. The last round of birthdays was especially challenging, until I remembered how much Ethan had enjoyed reading High Five magazine at the doctor's office.

I grew up reading and loving Highlights magazine, but I wasn't aware of High Five, a magazine from Highlights which is designed for the 2-6 age group. Here's a bit about the magazine, from its website:

Highlights High Five was created to help you encourage your young child's development - and have fun together at the same time.

Based on sound educational principles and widely accepted child-development theories, each monthly issue brings a 40-page, high-quality mix of read-aloud stories and age appropriate puzzles and activities that will help you set your child firmly on the path to becoming a lifelong learner.
We've been subscribing now for a while and are still huge fans of this magazine. It's large enough that Ethan can sit and read it happily for quite a while, but not so long that it takes forever to get through when Mommy or Daddy is reading it to him! There are great pictures and fun stories and lots to look at and enjoy.   Every month's issue also comes with a game at the back of the magazine that you can remove and play together or a mini storybook that you can pull out and read. Lots of fun, all around!

The other magazine that my mom got for us is Babybug. This is a magazine from the Cricket family, and its designed for kids ages 6 months to 3 years of age. Here's a bit about it from its website:
BABYBUG is "your very own magazine" for babies and toddlers to touch and hold all on their own, marveling at the colorful pictures while listening and following along as their parent or grandparent shares the simple rhymes, short poems, and "Kim and Carrots" stories. Featuring extra-heavy pages, non-toxic ink, rounded corners, and staple-free binding, BABYBUG is safe for little ones to explore, helping them understand that reading is fun and can be a part of every day.
Vivian's been having lots of fun with this magazine since it started arriving in our mailbox. I love the fact that it's more like a book than a magazine, with its nice, thick pages. The pictures are pretty and the stories and rhymes and poems are very age-appropriate for my kids. This magazine is more expensive than many kids' magazines, but it's worth the extra cost, since the issues are so durable and so nicely made. The smaller size and thick pages make it easy for even little hands to hold the magazine and turn the pages. You can see examples of Babybug magazine at this link.

What other magazines do you recommend for toddler- and preschool-aged children?

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post. Just writing about something that my family received as a gift and that we love!


One with many names said...

I remember getting highlights at school. It was always an exciting day :)