Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: Miche Bag

In my pre-kid life, I was known as someone who had a bit of an obsession with cute purses and shoes. Not expensive ones, I'm way too cheap for that, but I was still always on the lookout for something fun and pretty. Then the kids showed up and I had to put my purses away and carry cute diaper bags instead. I did find some great diaper bags that I enjoyed using, but I really missed my purses!

Now the kids are at the age where I don't need to take as much along with me, so I'm back in the purse world. Which is why I screamed with joy when I got an email from another blogger, letting me know that I'd won a fabulous giveaway on her blog- a giveaway for a Miche Big Bag and three shells!

If you haven't heard of Miche Bags before, you need to know about them. These things are both gorgeous and genius at the same time.  Miche Bags come in two parts- the base bag and the shell, so it's super easy to change the entire look of your purse in just a few seconds- just unfasten the shell from the base bag and slip the whole thing in the new shell. No emptying all those little pockets and finding new places for everything in a different bag. Just unsnap, move, resnap and go. I think it took me 10 seconds last time I switched shells!

I won the Miche Big Bag, which is a fabulous size for me, since I do still have to carry my stuff around as well as a diaper or two and the omnipresent kid snacks. It fits everything nicely without being enormous and heavy. Both the bag and shell are beautiful- well made, sturdy and very expensive-looking. Miche Bags also come in the Mini Miche Bag or the Miche Bag (in black or brown), if you want a smaller purse.

For shells, I ended up with the Drew, the Sandy, and the Oakley. I love all three of these- they're very different but all stylish in different ways. Which is perfect for when I want to change up my look! I've been having fun browsing the Miche site and seeing all the other options that they have as well- my birthday isn't too far away, and I think I now have some present ideas for what my husband can buy me!

So, if you're a purse lover like I am- definitely check out the Miche Bag site!

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post. Just wanted to write about something that I won on another blog and that I absolutely love!