Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Tea Collection Clothing

My kids (and I!) have been lucky enough to receive lots of clothing as gifts and as hand-me-downs.  Sure, I've purchased a few things here and there, but the majority of their wardrobe has come to us through the generosity of others.  I love going through bags of clothes and seeing what fun is in store for us, but I have to admit, there's one clothing label that brings the biggest smile to my face- Tea Collection.

I love, love, love Tea Collection clothes for my kids. Clothes from Tea Collection are fashionable, come in fabulous colors and are trendy, without being too cutesie or covered in cartoon characters. The designs are globally inspired and have great graphics. They make my kids look nicely dressed, but not like they're trying to be little adults.

The other thing that I really love about Tea Collection clothes is that they are incredibly sturdy. In my most recent set of hand-me-downs, I got a bunch of shirts from my friend, with a note that she was glad to finally pass them on, since her son had been wearing them for over a year.  Seriously, they still looked like new.  That's been my experience with all the clothes I've purchased or inherited from Tea Collection- they keep their colors, their shape and the fabric stays nice and thick.

Here's Vivian modeling her newest Tea Collection shirt:

Tea Collection has clothes for babies, boys, girls and women, in all sorts of styles and fabric options. Their new collection has lots of cute items- I'm considering getting this Almond Blossom Flutter Sleeve Layered Dress for Vivian, 

and the Painters Plaid Shirt for Ethan. 

There is a sale going on right now at the Tea Collection website, with lots of great deals to be found for all sorts of adorable clothes. Seriously, how cute is this nesting dolls top?
And this Lyrical Floral Romper makes me (almost) sad to be done with having babies :)

Seriously, if you're looking for good quality clothes for your kids that are still stylish and are not exorbitantly expensive, check out Tea Collection. I have loved every piece that I've inherited or purchased and will continue to make Tea Collection clothes a staple of my kids' wardrobes in the future.  

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post. I just wanted to write about a baby/kid product that I personally have purchased and received as a gift, and have used and absolutely love.