Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: Zwilling JA Henckels 5 Piece Utility Set

One of my major kitchen complaints lately has been about my knife set. It's a cheap one we bought back when we first got married. Lately using it has been more about sawing my meats, veggies and fruits than actually cutting them. So with my last CSN Stores gift certificate, I was determined to buy some new knives!

Since I'm not a fancy cook, I just wanted a nice, basic knife set that would actually cut well.  After looking all over the CSN Stores site, I settled on the Zwilling JA Henckels 5 Piece Utility Set.  This set is simple and small (and colorful), containing a 2" peeler, a 3" vegetable knife, 3.5" parer, and a 5" serrated utility knife, all in a nice knife block.

I have been using these knives for a while now and have been very pleased with them. I like the bunch of color that the knives bring to my kitchen, I love how well they cut, and I really love that the knife block is narrow and it fits in a small space on my counter. My 3-year-old son is obsessed with these knives as well- he's never noticed anything on my counters before, but I guess the colors really caught his eye. He checks several times per day to make sure they're all nice and clean and in the block- if not, I hear cries of "Mommy! Where are the sharps!". That's my cue to find the missing knives, wash them off and get them put back where they belong, pronto!

Looking pretty, in a teeny space on my counter

If you are in search of a nice, basic knife set, or if you have a small kitchen with not much counter space, I highly recommend checking out this utility set. CSN Stores also carries much fancier sets, if you have something bigger in mind!

Disclosure: I bought these knives, partially using a gift certificate that I received from CSN Stores for an earlier post. I received no additional compensation for this post and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.