Thursday, February 3, 2011

A couple of great ways to save money while donating to charity!

I got a couple of emails yesterday that were on the same topic- sharing information with me on ways to save money, through coupons and daily deals, and give to charity at the same time. I'm a huge believer in contributing to charity, so wanted to check the sites out and share the info with you here.

The first site that I found out about is Ideal Network. Here's some information on how it works, from the company's website:
Become an Ideal Network Member and get deep discounts from your favorite local merchants, while supporting the non-profit or school you care about.
Your free Membership makes you a key player in a mindful marketplace where great deals meet the greater good. With the Ideal Network, you save money, your Cause earns money, and local business gets the business it deserves. Everybody wins—it’s that simple.
Deals for Ideal Network are currently available in Seattle and will be spreading to other cities soon.  These deals are similar to ones available on other daily deal sites. You can choose from a list of causes which one you want your money to go to. It's definitely something that's worth checking out! I just got $20 worth of fancy chocolate from a local Seattle store for $10- and $2.50 was donated to Habitat for Humanity!

The other site that I learned about yesterday is This is not a daily deal site- it's more like the websites that I find when I search for online coupons- a site with lists of coupons and deals for all sorts of online shopping. Here's a bit about it, from the KindCoupons website:
KindCoupons donates 50% of all profits to charity. So, as long as the business turns a profit, charities will see a benefit from our efforts. Also, there aren’t any salary expenses factored into these basic profit calculations for KindCoupons. If we don’t turn a profit, the people behind the scenes at KindCoupons won’t be compensated. As a result, we’re highly motivated to keep expenses low and to manage the business as efficiently as possible.
It’s worth noting that KindCoupons is free to use. You can help us generate charitable donations simply by clicking on the coupon/deal links on KindCoupons and completing a purchase at your favorite sites (just like you normally would). For additional information about this process, check out our FAQs page.
Again, this definitely a site that's worth checking out.  Both sites look like a great way to donate to charity without any extra money coming out of your pocket- just keep doing the online shopping that you're doing anyway, and generate money for worthy causes!

Disclosure: I received no product and no compensation for this post. Just wanted to pass on some information about a couple of great new websites.


Ms. Michalek said...

Have you ever checked out ? There are exclusive companies that put up a sale and part or all proceeds are donated to the organization of the month. It was just launched in November and is still getting on it's feet but it's pretty cool!