Friday, February 11, 2011

Another great gift idea from EdenFantasys!

I've written a number of times here about all the great products available from EdenFantasys, an online adult store. Normally when I write about this shop, I focus on items from the sensual love line, such as the aromatherapy candles, massage kits and bath products.  But today I have another product to recommend, one which might be my favorite thing that I've ever gotten from EdenFantasys, a book called 1001 Ways to Be Romantic.

This book is fabulous! It's absolutely stuffed full of great ideas for how to bring some extra romance into your relationship.  I love my husband dearly, but multiple job changes and moves and babies in a short time has taken a toll on the romance side of things in our marriage. This book has been a great thing for us!

1001 Ways to Be Romantic is very user-friendly, starting with the nice, easy-to-read table of contents. If you're looking for a specific topic or idea, you can easily find it.  Topics like "couplehood", and "parenthood" definitely jumped out at me first! I went on from there to check out some of the other 1001 ideas and was so impressed by all the great ideas. I like the fact that most of the suggestions in the book are simple ideas, things that are actually practical to implement.  And there are suggestions that apply to pretty much any person in any part of a relationship. The book itself is very visually appealing, so it's fun to look through, as well as educational.

Check out this book and other romance books at EdenFantasys! (As always, the EdenFantasys site is probably not appropriate for visiting at work or with young children around)

Disclosure: I purchased this book with a gift certificate that I received as thanks for my time in writing an earlier EdenFantasys post.  I will be receiving another gift certificate as thanks for my time in writing this post. I was under no obligation to leave a positive review, and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.