Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My newest favorite thing- Cupcake dish towels from IKEA!!!

This past weekend we made a trip to IKEA- one of our favorite Sunday activities.  We mainly went to buy a tunnel for the kids' room, but some other things jumped into my cart as well. Including my newest absolutely favorite thing- these adorable dish towels!

I'm somewhat of a dish towel addict- I think changing out the towels in my kitchen is a fun and cheap way to bring something new into my decor. These towels are probably my favorites- ever. They're huge, they're absorbent enough to get my dishes dry- and they're unbelievably cute!  The kids love them too. Every time Ethan walks near the kitchen, I hear "Mommy! Cupcakes right there!" And did I mention that I got them for just $5 for all three? If you love cupcakes and have an IKEA nearby, definitely keep your eyes open for these. Rumor is that there's a matching apron too!


Stunning- said...

I have those towels too and I LOVE them!

Nichole said...

So cute! I LIKE IKEA! We have to drive an hour to get to ours, but that doesn't stop us! :oP I love their dish towels though! Mine are the blue and white plain ones. Wish they had the cupcake ones when I got mine! Maybe a trip soon is in order! LOL