Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: A Better World (Facebook game)

As I mentioned last week, my son recently started preschool.  Which means that I actually have a tiny bit of spare time now when he's gone and my daughter's napping. I should be using this time for things like laundry or vacuuming, but that I actually spend blogging, tweeting and playing on Facebook.

My newest place to play is on a Facebook game called A Better World. Here's a bit about the game, from its website:
A Better World is a Game Where All Good Deeds Get Rewarded!
In A Better World, You can:
- Express Gratitude & Send Positive Thoughts
- Customize your Look & Decorate your Own House
- Visit your Friends in the Village & Give Wonderful Gifts
- Play Fun Games like ThreeCycle &Thump-A-Thought

A Better World starts out with personalization of your character- you can pick facial features, hair color and style, clothing, shoes- everything to make your game avatar be exactly what you want he or she to be. Then you head off into the virtual world, where you can explore your home and decorate it, shop for new clothing and home decor items, visit friends, and express your gratitude in the Gratitude Grotto.

I like the focus on positivity in this game- the Gratitude Grotto made me stop and think about all the things that I am blessed with in life.  That's something I need to do more often! At the Gratitude Grotto you can also read what other players are grateful for.  Sure to bring a smile to your face!

I also enjoyed sending my husband and friends hearts from the Heart Cart (a new feature in the game). Just a fun and simple way to let people know that I'm thinking of them. The game has several mini games where you can earn points to spend in the stores. I'm particularly addicted to the ThreeCycle game and played it yesterday more times than I care to admit. :)

My main issue so far is that things are very slow to load, and there is a great deal of waiting time when moving around the game.  I also had some trouble with getting one of the mini games to work right with my mouse pad (I use the pad on my laptop rather than an external mouse). For the same reason, I also had some challenges with dragging and dropping home decor and clothing items. Also, I wish there were more options for the mini games, but given how much time I spent on ThreeCycle, maybe it's a good thing that there aren't more! Overall, I thought this game was cute and I like the idea behind it. I will visit this virtual world again in the future!

To check out A Better World for yourself, visit this link.

Disclosure: I will be receiving an Amazon gift card from ToonUps as thanks for my time in reviewing this game.