Friday, February 4, 2011

Things I love: Mabel's Labels!

My son started preschool yesterday- something that, honestly, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around! My little boy, off to school already!  There was one part of the whole "preparing for preschool" process that was super easy though- labeling his shoes and bag and coat and miscellaneous stuff. That part was easy because of Mabel's Labels!

We received a Colourful Essentials Combo from Mabel's Labels a while back, and I had been using the labels on things like Ethan's sippy cups and lunch containers.  And they've been great- sticking well, even after many runs through the dishwasher. But I hadn't had much need to label clothing items or coats before, so I wasn't sure how well the labels would work there.  Let me tell you, Mabel's Labels work just as well on backpacks and coats as they do sippy cups!

In addition to sticking well, the labels from Mabel's Labels are just really cute.  I love all the personalization options of the labels- lots of choices for design motifs, so you can get something that really reflects your child's personality.

Mabel's Labels has a new item that I think is brilliant- the Loot Bag Combo. For $30 you get 6 different sets of labels, each with a bag tag and 5 sticky labels.  That's just $5 per kid for a treat/favor bag prize that is actually useful!

Mabel's Labels carries tons of other items as well, including household labels and stationery products. So, if you have a labeling or organization need in your future, definitely check out Mabel's Labels. I've never been disappointed by their products- they're all as fabulous as advertised!

Disclosure: Although I did receive labels from Mabel's Labels some time ago to review, I received no additional product and no compensation for this review. Just wanted to write about a product and company that I really love!