Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: Bandette Cup Label

As my kids get older and suddenly take up much more space themselves, I'm in a constant battle with our tiny home to fit everything in. My most recent attempt at space saving has been to pare down the number of sippy cups in my cupboards.  Which means that some of "Vivian's" sippy cups or "Ethan's" sippy cups have gone away, and we have cups for whomever needs a drink. Unfortunately, I didn't think this new plan through completely, and neglected to realize that the kids have come to accept certain cups as their own. So how to help them keep track when Vivian's suddenly drinking out of a cup that was always her brother's?

Enter a great new product that I received last week, thanks to Label-Itz by Vive Vita and QuestionMoms. The product in question is called a Bandette- here's a bit about it, from its website:
Personalize your kids’ cups and bottles while alerting others to allergies and other preferences by using Bandette cup labels! Help avoid the dreaded spread of germs as children and adults easily recognize and use their own cup or bottle.
  • Simply use a non-toxic ball point pen to write their name, date, allergies or any other pertinent information on the unique “name plate”. Pen markings can be rubbed off and changed daily, or made long term by boiling or dishwashing the band with the desired writing left on.
  • Bandette cup labels are dishwasher and microwave safe.  (Just remember, before dishwashing, rub off the information that you do not want to remain long term.)
  • They fit most cups and bottles (even small containers and adult cups!)
  • They are completely reusable and easily moved from one cup to another.
  • They make children’s cups easier to grip.
  • Made of non-toxic material that meets FDA standards for plastics that come in contact with foods.
  • Patent Pending
I really love our Bandette! It's both sturdy (made of a nice, thick material that isn't going to break as you move it back and forth) and simple to put on the sippy cups and take off again.  The place to write information is handy as well, and I like that you can erase it as needed.

Discovering that the Bandette also makes a nice handle for the sippy cup!
I think this is a great way to help your child easily identify his or her things at a glance. Even though this particular sippy cup is one that was Ethan's, Vivian knows that when her purple butterfly Bandette is on it, it's hers to drink from. I've also found this to be a handy way to help my husband keep track of which kid is drinking from which cup!

There are several cute options for animal on your Bandette, other than the purple butterfly that I reviewed. you can also get a green monkey, a yellow honey bee, an orange lion, a pink ladybug or a blue panda! Vive Vita also makes bands that go on bottles and bands for toothbrushes, as well as other items. Check out their full product list at this link.

Disclosure: I received this product to review, thanks to QuestionMoms and Label-Itz by Vive Vita. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.