Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How did you pick your child's name?

When I was pregnant with my children, people asked all the usual questions "when are you due", "how are you feeling" and "do you know/plan to find out the gender of the baby." That last question always brought the strongest response from me- a firm "yes" followed by "there's no way I'm going to spend time picking out two sets of names! I need to know the gender so that I can focus!"  Once I knew the gender of my kids, I spent lots of time thinking about names (and occasionally letting my husband have some input on the selection), and on sites that talked about baby name meanings.

So my name selection process pretty much boiled down to thinking of a name, seeing what Daniel thought of it, then going to look up the meaning of the name I liked.  If the name had a decent meaning, it stayed on the short list.  For my son, I landed on the name "Ethan" after watching (I am not kidding here) an Ethan Allen furniture commercial and thinking "Ethan! I like that name!"  When I checked out the name's meaning and saw that it meant "firmness" or "long lived", I liked it even more!

For my daughter, I'm not sure how I ended up with the name Vivian in my brain, but once it was there, it was not budging.  Even when I found out that this name meant "lively", and the thought crossed my mind that I might be setting myself up for a lifetime of chasing around a child who was trying to live up to her name. And boy, does she ever! Still, I loved the name and the meaning was pretty good, so that was it for me.

So that's the story of my kids' names- what about you? Anyone else have a great name choosing/name meaning story?

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