Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Hormel Compleats Kids Microwave Meals

I have a confession to make. Ready for it? I don't always feed my kids home-cooked meals that I make from scratch.  :)  I do cook a lot of our dinners from scratch, but lunch is a particularly challenging time here at our home.  It seems like no one is on the same schedule and life always seems to get busy around the time that I should be planning what to feed the kids.  So it's pretty common that noon (or later) rolls around and I need a meal idea, fast.

Thankfully we recently got to try out Hormel Compleats Kids Microwave Meals. These come in four different varieties- Spaghetti and Meatballs, Pasta and Chicken, Beef Ravioli and Macaroni and Beef. For complete nutrition information for these, visit this link. All four varieties meet Healthy Food Guidelines as established by the USDA, and all four have 3g of fiber per serving, no added preservatives, no artificial colors and 0 grams trans fat per serving.  All good things, in my opinion.  And did I mention that they all heat up in the microwave in 45 seconds? That's the kind of speed I need!

And even better than the lack of preservatives and the speed at which I can get these on the table is the fact that my kids actually ate them.  My daughter in particular could not get the food on her fork and into her mouth fast enough!
Enjoying her ravioli

Looking for faster ways to get the ravioli on her fork!

Ethan gives it a try

In addition to loving these for quick home meals, I also really like having them on hand for when we travel.  This week we headed to my in-laws home, and, while I like to encourage my kids to try new foods, it's also good to know that I have something quick, easy and familiar ready to feed my kids if I need it.

If you'd like to try these for yourself, this link can help you locate the products at a store near you.

Disclosure:  Hormel Foods provided samples of Hormel® Compleats® Kids Microwave Meals for me and my family to try. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions given here are fully my own.