Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remember Tiny Prints for your graduation announcement/invite/party needs!

Back in February, my 3-1/2-year-old son Ethan started preschool.  All of a sudden, he went from spending days at home with Vivian and I to putting on his tiny little backpack, boarding a school bus, and heading off to preschool. After I put him on the bus that first day and watched him ride off into the big world, I stood in front of my building and thought about how fast it's all going. Just yesterday he was my tiny little baby and now he's in school. Soon Vivian will be joining him in school, then it's going to be a blur of projects and studying and classes... and then graduation will be here before we know it.

I remember my own graduations- I've had three in my life, and they've all been life-changing and memorable and at every single one, I remember feeling like my life was finally starting. My high school graduation was an enormous event held at the Tennessee Vols basketball stadium, which was packed full of people including my grandmothers, parents and brother.  Graduations got smaller for me after that- my college graduation was held on the oval of my campus, where the 80-something graduates marched in to the traditional sound of bagpipes.  And then a few years later it was time to graduate from grad school in an intimate ceremony for those in my area of study.  In a way, life has started over at each one of those events, going from a child at home to a young person off at college, going from college to making decisions about what to do next, going from grad school to a career I loved. When it comes time for my kids to take these big steps, I hope they're as happy with what life holds for them as I have been.

On that sentimental note- I know lots of graduations and graduation-related events are right around the corner. Tiny Prints is ready to help you out! I've purchased from Tiny Prints on numerous occasions and have always been very pleased with my cards- definitely keep Tiny Prints in mind when you're planning!
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