Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Kymoro Cardi Wrap

I'm a big fan of cardigan sweaters- they're such an easy way to dress up an outfit, and they are so handy for these in-between months when it's too warm for a coat and too cold to go outside in just shirt sleeves.  So I was happy to find out that I was going to have the opportunity to review the ultimate in sweaters- the Cardi Wrap! Here's a bit about the Cardi Wrap, from some information that I received:
There’s no reason to choose comfort over fashion when you can easily have both. For a versatile, practical, and comfy top that makes a statement, look no further than the Cardi Wrap by Kymaro. This single multifunctional wrap can be twisted, tossed, tucked and slung to create 50 different figure-flattering styles and is an indispensable wardrobe addition.
Drape the Cardi Wrap elegantly to accentuate your best features and camouflage imperfections. Want to have slimmer hips or hide a pesky muffin top? The Cardi Wrap by Kymaro easily solves these flaws. No matter what your body type weight fluctuations, Cardi Wrap is always a perfect fit.

The Cardi Wrap is a scarf, shawl, cardigan and wrap all in one.  It comes in one of two sizes, either Misses or Plus. The booklet that comes with the Cardi Wrap has instructions for over 50 different styles that you can twist and tuck your Cardi Wrap into, and of course you can come up with your own styles as well!  

I received my Cardi Wrap right before we left for a trip to visit my husband's family, and it really came in handy on that trip. I was able to use it to dress up my outfits for the occasions that required nicer dress, and wear it in a more casual style for other gatherings.  With all my kids' stuff, it's hard to pack light, so I love things that save space- and the Cardi Wrap definitely did! Here are some of the styles that I wore it in during our trip:

I really like the Cardi Wrap because it is so versatile.  I also like the fabric- it's a nice, lightweight viscose that feels very soft and silky.  The Cardi Wrap is machine washable (hurray!) which is also fabulous.

There was a bit of a learning curve for me when I got the wrap and first put it on. I did have to spend some time with the instruction booklet in front of the mirror trying the styles and figuring out what worked for me. The instruction booklet does have some suggestions on which styles to try for different body shapes and when trying to emphasis/distract from certain body features.  As a 5-foot-tall, curvy woman, there were certainly styles in the booklet that were definite no-nos for me, and of course, I'm never going to end up looking like the skinny model in the pictures. There is a lot of fabric in this Cardi Wrap, so I had to learn to drape and tuck properly so that the fabric doesn't get bunched up and end up adding to my problem areas. In the end, I did find a number of styles that I was happy with, and I look forward to playing around and discovering even  more great ways to wear the Cardi Wrap!
Another look with my Cardi Wrap

How I'm wearing it today!

The Cardi Wrap comes in seven colors including the purple that I received, black, red, tan, pink, grey and blue. For more information, visit this website.

Disclosure: I received a Cardi Wrap to review for myself, thanks to Cardi Wrap and the Family Review Network. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.